Username Post: Help w/ SBook Party 4 fundraiser
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Ok, so my sister belongs to a church that likes to host little gatherings and I told her that she should suggest doing a Scrapbooking gathering and see how well the idea flies, well it flew really well. She asked me what could they do... and sadly I was dumbfounded. I told her I would post a topic and ask for help.

Here's the deal, with these gatherings there is usually a fee to get in, that's the fundraising part, well...that's as far as we are right now (hahahaha) I told her that I have PLENTY of paper from stacks that I could contribute, but didn't have much else to donate, besides the use of my Cricut (cross fingers it doesn't burn up), and the use of any of my tools (eyelet setter, hole punches, embosser, etc...).

Now here's my question....if you would be hosting one of these "crop parties", what would you ask people to bring? or How would you go about doing this?

Keep in mind that some people may be new to scrapbooking and/or this may be their first time.

ANY ideas would help!!!

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