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I have search high & low for a thicker album (3 plus inches) and even tried several ways to make one and my advice would be to split your 100-200 pages into two albums. (not sure if it was 100 double sided)

You can expand post albums, but they get very wobbly.
You can try larger rings but it gets very difficult to turn the pages. Think about having to move each page across/around a 4" or 5" ring. (I tried both larger loose leaf rings and loose jumbo key rings.)

And even if you could make this album and turn the pages the whole thing gets too heavy to manage and gets all floppy on you. You have rest the whole thing on a table to look at it. The left hand side of a two page spread ends up being several inches apart from the right hand side.
And again there is the whole weight of the thing. The pages start to crush each other and the whole album is tought to carry.
[Someday I am going to make a custom album with a four inch spine & wooden covers.]

But for now, I recommend d-ring albums. The rings are 3" (or 3 1/2"). This is the best I have found.
PS the post extensions do work but don't go all nuts and add like 2" worth that's when the album starts to go all wobbly.

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