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The Keeping Memories Alive albums are quite nice and reasonably priced (and so many pretty colors!), so that's what I've started using ever since M's quit carrying the Hiller albums.

I was so bummed when M's quit carrying the Hiller. I bought the last ones they had when they were discontinued. Unless I really get on a roll, I probably won't need more albums for a while.

Do you think these are comparable in quality to the Hiller?

So far they seem good, nice rounded corners with metal protectors, sturdy, and they have the little plastic pocket on the spine to slip a card with the album dates or title in. And so far I haven't had a problem with the rings "separating" like on some of my Hiller albums. That might just be a function of them being newer, but some of my Hiller albums developed that problem when they were relatively new, so maybe not. They're maybe a teeeeny bit shorter in height, but still plenty big enough to protect true 12 x 12 pages with room to spare. So far I'm very happy with them. (I like them a lot more than the Pioneer D-ring binder I bought once.)

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