Username Post: unisex embellies ???
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  • ekip2 on 03-17-09 04:41 AM

Ok so I posted yesterday that I would be making a premade album for a charity auction. I spoke with my cousin (the auction is for her family) and she really likes the idea of a childhod memories album.

I need to make it sort of generic since its for a diverse group of people and I really want lots of people to bid on it. So I can't be girly or too boyish since I want parents of either to bid on it.

I know lots of folks here do a really nice job with flowers on boy pages but I am not going to do that in this album in case the noncrafty folks that see it won't "go for it" so here is my question (finally, I sure do talk alot don't I LOL)

What embellishment is for both sexes and looks great??? I'm thinking - buttons, circles layered on top of each other, cut out squares with in squares....HELP!!

TIA - and I'm sure I'll bug you guys for more advice as I go along...I feel helpless about my cousins situation (her husband has terminal cancer) and thought this would enhance the auction a bit....


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