Username Post: Time To Defend the Sizzix!!
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I have been reading some entries here, and other sites and have seen so many people state that they were no longer using their sizzix machine since getting other "cutters", I felt so bad for the machines! I also found this so odd as I own other cutting machines, between myself & my design partner we have like 6 total & for some reason my favorite is the sizzix, I love them all and all serve a good purpose but I won't lie my fav is the sizzix. I did upgrade to the bigshot, and love it even more. I know it's "manual" but I can cut so much more with it compared to all else, at least all else I have, the original and bigz dies cut felt,fabric - various materials very smooth. I also love that the dies from the very beginning still cut like new, and believe you me I abuse mine... they take a beating - yet never do I have to replace them, unlike I find myself replacing blades a lot as the quality of the cut decreases with my other cutters, again I love those cutters but I don't use them for everything - they can't handle it like a bigz die can. But this is just my humble little opinion!

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