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OK, not sure if the poll is going to show up or not, Sisters,,,

but we're not THAT huge a group that I can't add the votes up,,,,,

we are voting on:

1 bear or 2 bears, please tell me your vote!!!!

The advantage of 2 bears is that the wait would be shorter,,,,

The advantage of 1 bear is that we'd all be on the same "page" so to speak,,,,,,but some of you would be waiting monthssssss for the bear,,,

Your choice, majority rules!!!!

So please VOTE if you're in this group!

Thanks, Holly


Miss Belle:

Scatter Early-mid may 04-22-09
Tmgarren mid-late may 05-12-09
Flitobl mid-late June (by June 14 please)

Kitswpa early-mid JulyMother Goose mid-late July
Kathie early-mid aug
Melissadam mid- late August
Crafty Cindy early-mid sept
2Mini Schnauzers mid-late sept (by sep 17 please)
Gelidy Gelato early-mid Oct

Naf early-mid may 04-23-09
Raquellie mid-late May 05-11-09
Crafty Sprinkles early-mid June

Ladybing Tammy middish June (by June 24 please)
Provinca Mid-late July (by the time she gets it)
Mommy 2 four early-mid August
Fargomutt latish august by August 24 please)
Eltringham Mid-late September
DawninAZ-early-mid October
Janaquins early-mid November

Sisterhood of the Traveling Scrap Bear
One Bear
Two Bears
You may choose one option.
Votes accepted from 04-07-09 02:58 PM to 04-08-10 02:58 PM.
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You are not allowed to vote in this poll.

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