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Hi Marci What a great resource to have that many family members to help! For now my Journal blocks are just index cards in the page protectors . I agree it is fun to collect everyone's comments!

I will post my page of my Great Grandmother and Grandfather soon. I have a photo of them and to add interest I got things off the internet about ships and prices and posters that might have been seen for trips to the USA. I maked a book of tags for each of their children and the pages after that will be of each of them and then their children. My Aunts and Uncles and their children I have collected High School Senior photos and also the Military photo of each Uncle which would have been around the same age as our graduation photos. Most of the Aunts were in each others weddings so I am now collecting those and will have a page for each of those families. It has been alot of fun!

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