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I thought long and hard how to do this album. I was going to use a three ring albulm with page protector for each page. I was going to do single, double and more pagea in a layout/person/generation as I needed. Some of the stories are worth keeping out in the open. I also was going to start in the middle and work my family toward the rear and my husbands family toward the front. After seeing how much information and photos I had and journaling and family groups, I decided to do an album for my family tree and one for his family tree. His family is fairly small and mine was branching out in all directions. This settled that one problem. I do have both albums bought now and I see a printed paper I put it in the album and slip the photo in with it. I might find a piece of lace or fabric for a page and I put that in with those things. I am taking my time but it is starting to all fall in place!

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