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What is this thread about?

Once upon a time, things got quiet here on the weekends, so a thread was started to just hang out and do a virtual crop. Since then it's grown into more. Several people are now "regular," but we're always open to newcomers. We chat about anything and everything. (Warning: Sometimes we stray into areas that may be considered "adult," although we always try to be tasteful about it.) We share our latest layouts, pictures, whatever interests us. We have fun and encourage each other.

It's now all week long, too. Since it is a new thread each week, it's easier for anyone to join. Even though we start over each week, it's STILL pages and pages long. Don't be intimidated, we are happy to have anyone drop by and say hello. Some of us read all the replies and keep up, but it is not required. Warning: It can get addictive!

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Please leave updates about yourself HERE.

You can also place Prayer Requests Here. This is for those who can't be online as much as they would like to be. At least this way, there are highlights from this thread.
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VCW Yahoo! Group

This is a place where we can store info - email addresses, geographical locations, birthdays. (We started this because we wanted to know who we have to go looking for after major events such as the recent hurricanes in the U.S.)

Sign up for the group. You have to be approved for the group. There are a few people around here to keep an eye on the admin of the list, so the approval shouldn't take too long. The approval process isn't because we're elitist or anything - it's just our way of making sure that those who have access to our info there are "known" to us and not just people signing up randomly to farm the information. The purpose of this site is to store emergency contact information for the members of our group. Please be respectful of its intended use and do not abuse the information.

Once you're approved, you can add your info to the database and/or your birthday to the calendar. If you need help with either of these functions, just yell and someone here will give you instructions.

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Most of us also really love BLING and encourage bling usage...some to the point of "pimping" but hey, whatever gets the blingy point across!

Come visit Our Gallery to meet some of the irregular regulars!

So come on! Don't be bashful! And don't be afraid of the fact that this thread MOVES. Just jump in wherever we are, and we'll be glad to get you caught up on what's happening. We never know what we're going to talk about or how silly we will get.

WARNING: Reading of, or participation in, this thread could result in food or drink being sprayed across your computer or sleepless nights ... Just read responsibly.

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