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Jeni not sure if we have the answers here for you, but it sounds like we have a sympatric group here. I am very frustrated with my 9 year old acting like he’s a teenager. I also wonder how genetic not taking blame is. My son can make a mess in our bathroom and it’s a friend’s fault. Thankfully he does act like a teenager and he’s very independent.

Holly, you bet you qualify! You are for me a link of what to expect. Besides the job of mom never ends as you know. My parents threatened to sell the house from under my brother and I know at the ripe old age of almost 30 I had to move in with my son during my divorce.

Zandra your right allergic to cleaning. Isn’t there a lady on the DIY network that suggests only cleaning those noticeable parts? That’s a shock to me. I was raised that you scrub top to bottom and that includes hands and knees no mops. My house is lived in, the laundry is always half done, and the yard could use more attention, but there are so many more enjoyable things to do. Now that is some spread of ages, Zandra.

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