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  • Amanz on 06-11-09 05:35 AM

I want to start scrapbooking! I have allready orginized some of my pictures and bought some supplies. And did 2 LO on paper.
But..... I still haven't bought an album!

I don't know anybody who scrapbooks and never even actually seen a scrapbook album!? (yeah... It's horrible)

So I was thinking of buying a 12 X 12 scrapbook album but I am getting confused?
What is actually in a scrapbook album? How is it different from a normal photoalbum?
I read about page protectors. Do you have to buy paper ore is it allready in there? And can you always add more Lo's???

(I hope these aren't stupid qestions but I am on a budget and I don't want to go out and just buy an album and then feel like I've bought something I don't like ore can't use)

Would you buy these for example:

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