Username Post: July *Use It Or Lose It Challenge!* (Done!)
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5. Julie (senora_x) (5/5) = DONE!...CHALLENGE WINNER

- I used 4 of the straight lines from the rubons = Done!

Molly Ann By Senora_x

- Here's a layout using more of those stitching rubons. I used two of the 12 inch curly stitching and then cut and pieced together the stitching around the journaling block out of the smaller stitching designs. I only have one more 12 inch stitching design left and I will have used the entire package! Woohoo!

Fly By Senora_x

- I just bought the Jolee's for our florida vacation we just got back from so that will motivate me to start scrapping those vacation pics. The rubons and masks I've had for a while and have Never used! Time to use it or lose it!

- Here's one! I used the gator from my jolee's stickers = Done!

Please Don't Feed the Gators By Senora_x

- I finally used my fancy pants kraft kuts today! Here are two layouts I did using my fancy pants diecuts. Also used up some more scrap rubon stitches on the beeutiful layout! = Done!

Bee-utiful By Senora_x

Be Yourself By Senora_x

- Here's my mask and transparency layouts = Done!

Move By Senora_x

Molly By Senora_x

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