Username Post: July *Use It Or Lose It Challenge!* (Done!)
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15. Moni (MoniL) (5/5) = DONE!

- I want to use 2 of the pins, at least one of the chipboard pieces (if I don't use this, I'll throw in a sheet for the winner). Can't wait!

- here's one that i used several of the products on: 2274817.h...
it turns out i had the letters stickers in the hot pink instead of the bubblegum that is in the store. hope that's okay! i also used one of the journaling stickers and one of the pins. i was also able to work in some flowers that are on the backside of the owl pp = Done!

- here's a layout for the owl pp = Done! 2274905.h...
i was so excited to use up every last bit of that pp between the two layouts and a card i made for my sil.

- here's one with a piece of the chipboard set= Done! 2274983.h...

- Here's my last layout for the second fancy pants pin = Done! 2276615.h...

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