Username Post: July *Use It Or Lose It Challenge!* (Done!)
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  • MelindaK Said:
This sounds like fun, and I'd like to be in. But have a question... is it 5 separate items and 5 separate lo's or 5 separate items and any number of lo's I choose? I want to participate either way, but just want to make sure I'm clear on the rules...

- 5 seperate items.

- 1 to 5 LO's (or more, if applicable & or depending on the supply)...For example, 1 sheet of paper, a package of brads, or a stencil alone could go a whole long of way if desired or attempted!

- Basically, the idea is to find 5 specific things that we know that we are just not using and to challenge & make the stakes a little bit higher for those of us not using them!

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