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Hi everyone, I am new to but I must say I love this place! I've been scrappin for a long time - that "Scrapbooking...Remember When" thread makes me laugh because I am right there with y'all. Mrs. Grossman's stickers, deco scissors, templates, 8 1/2 X 11 paper, the blue pencil and all.

I took a break for a while. Now I am back and did an internet search to see what's new, wow I loooove it! The evolution is amazing. A thought, do we leave those ugly pages alone or re-do them? Mine will most likely stay as-is because I have so many more to do but was curious to everyone else's take.

Now my real reason for posting: Heritage pages. I am ready to do our family's "old" photos from waaay back when. I really want everyone's thought on the best way to do these. Copy the photos or use the originals? I have never used copies because the whole idea was to preserve them and the history of our family, but maybe I should re-think this...

What products do you like for heritage pages? Are there any tutorials for heritae pages? Come on y'all, share your thoughts please.


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