Username Post: Seeking Advice on Heritage Albums
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I'm starting a couple of albums also,
I would love to see the trees... I just used a flow chart on the one for my side of the family.

I do think the hardest part is planning the how you are going to do the album.

With my side of the family, I gave everyone a basic questionnaire, then I did a 2 page layout of each person. Then created family event pages, from 2006 on (I did not go back to our childhood). And as we add to our family, like a new son in law, he got a questionnaire and his page was placed chronologically. (and I added his name to the flowchart)

This was easier as we take a lot of pics. NOW

I want to start dh's side. No pics of them growing up. Guess I'll just start from 2009.
find/take pics and send out questionnaires.

I also have some taken in the 50's of my mom's family. I've started a couple of pages there.

Then, I was sent a shoebox of my dad's going way back, like the 1800's! NONE marked. My uncle has had some identified from his mom's side of the family.. YIKES.

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