Username Post: Seeking Advice on Heritage Albums
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Hi Anne. I thought you probbly checked but I just wanted to be sure. I have seen them for yrs. I have seen them done different ways. I really don't think you can be wrong. You just need to pick which you like the best & which makes sense to you. I know in my dd's baby album (from Hallmark in the 80s) It had her at the bottom & me & my dh next going up. Then you listed the relatives going up. That is one way.
I have other ideas...There is a wonderful heritage paper/acces/album made by K & CO that I know they have here . It had pages that had spots already marked or framed for your pics. You could use something like that. I put them here. There may be more papers that I have shown. You could look at them & see what order they did & which you liked. Another is to check out some current Hallmark baby books at the store. They will probably have preprinted pages of fammily trees. You could see what order they have. Does any of that make sense?

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