Username Post: I think I'm going to switch from post bound to 3 Ring Albums
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I would like to echo the part of your question about how many LO's will a 3 ring hold?

The fact that I CAN expand a post-bound to meet my needs is what I love most.

A typical KMA album for me has 25 page protectors, each with two (back-to-back) moderately flat-to-lumpy scrapbook pages, for a total of 50. I've gotten as many as 60 - 70 scrapbook pages in a 3-ring binder, but those are pretty flat pages.

Thanks for the details! The album I'm making for DS (his entire year as a 2 YO) will probably be about 60 pages IF I can contain myself at that. I'm sure (or hopeful) that future albums won't be as thick so I think you've sold me a bit on trying 3-rings down the line.

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