Username Post: I think I'm going to switch from post bound to 3 Ring Albums
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I tried the 3-rings, but I'm probably going to switch back to post-bound. 3-rings are way easier to use, but the following is why I'm thinking of switching back:

  • Breee Said:
i've never used 3 ring albums but i've thought about it. my only concern is that two page layouts look disconnected because they aren't right next to each other. Is this a problem? Bre

If you have any elements (pics, etc.) that are overlapping pages on your 2-page lo's, the 3-rings really don't work. However, I have heard of people sewing or stapling those 2 page protectors together so the pages sit next to each other. I haven't tried that yet, but I will try it before I completely give up.

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