Username Post: Problem with an MM product...WWYD???
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I just recently purchased some MM Chole's Closet cork alphas at M's last week for the scrap day we and my sis just had this past weekend.

When I went to use them, as soon as I started to lift up an edge of one of the letters, it literally started tearing and coming apart.

I tried another and the SAME thing happened. There was literally NO way to take them off or apart. They just sort of started to come "undone".

My questions...Has anyone purchased these and what was your experience with them??? Did I just get a bad batch???


How do I get a hold of MM's customer service??? Has anyone had experience with their customer service and how was it???

I am pretty sure I do not have my receipt to take them back to M's. I don't normally return scrap purchases;) Any help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated. TIA:)

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