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Back by popular demand:

Welcome to the Christmas Secret Pal Swap


1. If you sign up for this swap you will receive one secret pal.

2. You would not put your name on the package/envie so you will remain a secret. It's a good idea to use a family members name as the return address, a trusted neighbor! Lastly feel free to mail any packages (prior to Dec 15) to the hostess to ensure that your pal remains surprised!

3. You can look up your partners profile to get some ideas of what to send. They have also been instructed to update their wishlist

4. You must check into this thread at least once a week. Communication is vital in this swap!

5. Secret pals will mail Dec 15th and then the big reveal! When you receive from your pal, post it on the thread but DO NOT REVEAL IT to the participants. We want to reveal about the same time. Reveal date to be announced.

6. Please complete the questionaire below and pm it to me before the swap begins. This will give your SP an idea of what to give you.

7. The limit for this swap is $20. If you want to spoil your pal by going over the limit feel free but it is NOT required.

8. Never hesitate to pm me if you have any questions, or need to know something specific from your SP. I am here to help you!

9.Have fun, be creative and KEEP IT A SECRET!

We're gonna spell out Christmas by spoiling our pals one letter at a time. Spoil your pal with something that represents all of the letters in the word Christmas and wrap each item. Label each package with the letter. Example: C - Colorful (a multi-colored ornament) Wrap the the gift and put the letter C on it. (Presentation is important so be creative).

C- Colorful
H - Hot
R - Regift (Something from your stash that is NEW/ UNUSED/ UNOPENED but you think may be better suited for for your pal)
I - Image. Something that reminds you of your pal. (Based on their preferences.)
S - Scrappy (WISH LIST ONLY)
T - Treat/Tasty (Again based on their preferences)
M - Message (card, poem, book etc)
A - Aromatic
S - Scrappy (WISH LIST ONLY)

Have fun, chat, share lo's, anything goes in this thread. But remember, keep those lips zipped after you know your SP!

Secret Pal Trinkets: (Prior to the Final Gift)

1) Send a card.

2) Type a letter. Be sneaky and devious.

3) You write a message to your secret pal, then break up the pieces and wrap them up. Your secret pal has to put it together.

4) Remember, it doesn't have to be scrap stuff. You will be able to fit a TON of different things into a regular card envelope (to save on postage), such as key chains, postcards, etc.

Here is the list , just to give you an idea. You DON'T have to do this...just some ideas!

An e-card
Small votive candle wrapped in pretty fabric
A card in the snail mail - Everyone feels good about getting mail that isn’t a bill
Fresh cut flowers
A plant
Nail polish and a file
Box of specialty tea or coffee
Picture frames
Basket of relaxing bath things
Coffee mug of individually wrapped candies
New journal with nice pen

************************* **

1. Name/Address:
2. Screename:
3. Favorite color:
4. Favorite scrapbook companies:
5. One scrapbook product you can't get enough of(ie: ribbon, eyelets, chipboard, flowers, stamps):
6. Anything that you do NOT want/need:
7. Name two items you would LOVE to have:
8. Favorite candy/junk food:
9. What is your holiday theme/color (ie:country, blue, snowmen, etc):
10. Anything else you would like your Secret Santa to know

Participants: (Survey received)

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