Username Post: September *Cricut Creativity* Challenge
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10. Lynette (swampangel67) (3/5)

Please sign me up, I had a blast in August, it's the most I have ever completed or incompleted.LOL

I'm going to give it my all this month.

Please sign me up for:

1.Layout = Done!
3.Card = Done!
4.Card = Done!
5.Title Block

OK, here we go a layout and a card, let's hope we can keep this wheel in motion:

Pumpkin Pie Kisses pg 1 By Swampangel67

Pumpkin Pie Kisses pg2 By Swampangel67

Autumn Card By Swampangel67

I haven't given up yet on this month. Here's one more entry.

Prairie Girl Thank You card By Swampangel67

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