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Hello JAFF ladies!

I'm so excited about this group - I've never been in a group here on

I'm 23, and will be 24 in January. I graduated college in May 2008 from 'Mizzou' which is the University of Missouri-Columbia. I have a Bachelor of Journalism, and my specific area of emphasis within that is Advertising.

I've had a terrible time finding work in Wisconsin because of the economy, and also because I'm in MO searching for jobs in WI (not many connections)! My boyfriend Justin (originally from my same town,) lives and works there. He even owns his own home, so he's there for good. It's my plan to find a job and move up there!

For scrapping...I technically started in high school with a project we had that dealt with scrapbooking. I fell in love, and couldn't stop. But college kept me too busy, so I didn't scrap for about four years. I started back up again in May 08 after I graduated. So most recently, I've scrapped for about a year.

I'm really slow with scrapping, and on top of that, I have a hard time finding hours and hours that I can just sit down to complete a LO. So, I don't have much in my gallery :-/

OK! I'm ready to read more about more JAFFs!

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