Username Post: October *Use Or Lose It* Challenge! (Done!)
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7. Karen (scrapriguez) (5/5) = DONE!

I just realized I never posted what I would use!!

- I will use at least one of the butterflies

- I will use at least 5 pieces of each color of the flourish bling chipboard

here is two of my products used on one lo. The butterfly and the bling it heart

first glimpse
By Scrapriguez

here is another using the inks, they outline the fonts

Pumpkin Pancakes
By Scrapriguez

I used three of the five pieces of the brown flourishes so far on this lo.

By Scrapriguez

here is another lo with the other two pieces of brown and have one more coming for the blue and then I have completed!!

Suave Trio
By Scrapriguez

here is my final one!!

Sweet baby
By Scrapriguez

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