Username Post: October *Use Or Lose It* Challenge! (Done!)
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17. Jenn (-Jenn) (5/5) = DONE!

here are my five items. If you need me to take individual pictures just let me know and I will do that!

My 5 items
By -Jenn-

Pink thickers- on one title = Done!
Blue flowers- at least 3 = Done!
Butterflies- at least 1 = Done!
Black letters- on one title = Done!
Metal embossed words- use one = Done!

ok... here is some of my work...

Love story
By -Jenn- pink thickers

Great home cooking
By -Jenn- black letters

here is my butterfly usage!! (hehe!)

I make pink look good
By -Jenn-

I could of sworn I already posted these to this thread... I must be losing my mind!!

I am so sexy By -Jenn- here is the metal embossed word, plus I used one of the blue flowers

The first night By -Jenn- there is the other 2 blue flowers!

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