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Paper Piecing...Well, it's like this. Imagine a flower, butterfly, etc. A pattern is made from the pieces of the item. Each piece is then traced out and assembled on your LO. A creative BG pattern is a quilting pattern known as a Log Cabin Block. I'm wanting to do a Log Cabin and put a picture as the center block, and color cordinating paper and journing around the photo to finish with an 8.5x11 log cabin block. These blocks could be done smaller or larger too. I'd love to share some places where you could get pieces, but I don't think that's allowed.

A simple paper piecing that you could do for Halloween is to draw out a shape of a pumpkin on orange card stock and cut it out. Using black cardstock, draw the jackolantern face pieces and cut them out. To add texture to your pumpkin, use stitching to make the lines in the pumpkin. Glue down your pumpkin, then glue down the face pieces. You could stitch the face on as well if you desired.

Another easy, freehand kind of pattern would be a scarecrow. Cut out a hat, a shirt, some pants, and a face. Draw the face pieces on and give detail to the shirt and pants either with pens, paints, buttons, snaps,or stitching. Begin putting your scarecrow together. Use wheat colored fibers such as yarn, embrordery thread, etc. to make the hair and straw in the scarecrow.

I hope this gives you some ideas. Most of the paper piecings I do make my emblies.

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