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I was thinking about some ideas for a Halloween LO, and there are some other things you could easily make yourself.

1) Put small photos in a filmstrip layout. This is so easy to make. Cut a strip of black cardstock, cut frames in the cardstock using a square pattern. Do not cut the frames apart to make them individual, you should have 3-4 frames in your cardstock strip. Now, on each side near the edge use a ribbon punch to punch tiny squares all the way down the sides. It should look like a strip of film from a 35mm camera. Photos could be in color, sepia tone, or black and white.

2) Make a haunted house! This can be freehanded, or you could use clipart. It could be small or large, that's up to you. Cut out the door from seperate card stock, you could even hinge the door and hide journaling behind it. The same with windows and shutters. Make widow panes out of something clear like transparancy film, make the window frame out of cardstock. Let little ghosts or people from your Halloween event peek through the windows. Cut shutters for windows from cardstock, let some of them dangle a bit like they are falling off their hinges.

3) Make little white ghosts out of white cardstock. Just freehand them for a unique look. Use a regular hole punch and punch out some eyes for them.

4) Make some tombstones and create a graveyard. You can purchase grey cardstock, or just color white cardstock with a grey coloring pencil. Write funny epitaphs on the stones like Frank N. Stein, Mr. Funny Bones, etc.

5) Make a dead spooky tree, you won't need any leaves. But if you wanted leaves on your LO use a leaf punch.

Hope these ideas can help get your creative juices going. With the majority of my LO's I just brainstorm and see what I can come up with. However, Halloween is a holiday that my family does not celebrate.

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