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I really don't want to give away my secret but I buy Scrapbook Lots on ebay from people who are cleaning out their stash. The lots I look for are around $20-30 (half of that is usually shipping) and include a variety of things like stickers, paper, a few tools and embellishments (maybe 30+ items).
Usually one or two items in the lot will grab my attention and the retail costs for just those items is the cost for the entire lot.

Sure everything may not be exactly my style, some things may be used, and once in a while a few will have a musty smell but when you are paying pennies! who cares. I have gotten several lots SO CHEAP I actually feel bad about it. I am truely amazed each time I spread out a couple hundred items that I paid just a few dollars for.
So when I need something say "brads" I look for a lot that includes "brads" and usually I get a lot for the retail cost of the brads and everything else in the lot (which can be several dozen more items) feels like it was free to me.

I have never regretted any of the several lots I have purchased even when I ended up with a few duplicates or things I would never use in a million years. I can not stress how CHEAP these lots go for and it is a great way to build your supplies.

But if you are a person that MUST always have prestine, brand new stuff buying lots for e-bay (even though most items are "never opened" in their original packaging) would not be for you.

PS I forgot to mention I bought a lot just so I could get around 10 Halloween die cuts. so like I mentioned earlier, for what I would have paid for the die cuts I got an entire lot that had like 50+ other items.

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