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Oh Angi~~~I live with one of those big tuff guys who never needed a doctor or advice or mothering. My heart goes out to you! He needs to find a path to understand what has happened to him but he also needs to learn how to let others help him~~~just as my DH did this past year. I do believe talking to his doctor is a good thing because they need to help YOU help him. Hang in there....!!

I told my sons today (37 & 31) and that was hard on me and on them. The youngest I just blurted it out...didn't give it any thought at all. Danny took it well enough but about 10 min later I called him back and apologized for the way I told him. Then I got to thinking that there isn't a good way to do this. With the oldest I had a build up to the news rather than just blurting it and that worked a bit better. Being my wonderful little "yuppie puppy" he is now processing all of this. Which means he's devouring internet information so that he will be more knowledgeable than the doctors.
Tomorrow I tell my sister & brother. What is weird is that I told 2 really good friends tonight while we were at dinner together and I caught them several times looking at me strangely. Hmmm....

This is going help a lot of us that just need to "talk" a bit or (in my case) ramble a bit...Thanks Angi!

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