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Hi and welcome.

It's really overwhelming when you first start, and can definitely be an expensive hobby.

All you really need to start are photos, cardstock, a good pair of scissors, a sharp paper trimmer, journaling pens, black or brown ink pads(for outlining the edges and other uses) and adhesive.

A little patterned paper and a few punches are also nice. Embellishments are fun touches, but you can make your own.

You don't really need anything else to create pages. Most of us (myself included) buy WAY too much, then need a whole room in our homes to hold all the crafting stuff. It's easy to buy too much.

You don't need a die cut or embossing system, though it's certainly fun to have. I have been scrapping for a year and don't have either. You can check my gallery for the work I create without them. Under my photo on the L is a link that says izzyb's gallery.

Of the basics, my favs are listed below. You don't need to buy these exact products. These are just basics that I find myself using over and over again. The mono adhesive at the bottom of the list below is also called Tombow.

I hope this is helpful.

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