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Its hard for me to incorporate a fad into my scrapbooking, no matter what the fad is, if it doesn't fit the theme of my pics. The only way I would want paris stuff in my LOs, is if I was scrapping Paris photos. I liked the owls/birds, but unless I was scrapping outside photos, they didn't seem to go with my design.

Guess I'm just weird.

I'm with you on that one!

add me to that list!! I use some flowers but not overpowering, I use some bling but no to much, I use some distressing on guy pages, but not every piece on the page......I let the photos guide my color choices and embellishments! Guess that is why I've never been chosen for a design team or featured layouts won't sell a whole lot of anything

Agreed. I make good pages, which is all that matters, and the people who look at them don't know or care what the trends and fads are - and neither will anyone's kids and grandkids. I like relevance and some realism in my embellishments, not just pretty stuff for the sake of being pretty.

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