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I see in various ranges Paris is all the rage, you can get Chipboard Eiffel Towers, stickers , papers etc - what about Italy? It is just as beautiful and romantic!!! And I need ITALY!

I don't know why or what it is, but I actually have a strange attraction to most things with the Eiffel Tower (especially black & white photos!)

As for any possible Italian 'fads', I lived in Italy years ago & have still yet to scrap those pics! With that said, hopefully, it will come soon enough!

Me too. I think "Eiffie" represents the romantic and chic place many dream of visiting. I did an entire book on Paris (50 pages) and could have done 3 times that with all of the photos I took. I think that the tower looks very whimsical and romantic and that is why many people put it on their pages.

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