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Got my Cinch and it is easy provided you follow the instructions to the letter first couple of times.

  • make sure the lever is at the right angle. If it is not fully extended upward the paper will stick.
  • Always practice before actual paper. Ruining a page would be a real BUMMER!
  • The first Tip in the Cinch tips: the alignment button is NOT grey, it 's black. Make sure it's down first when doing a longer than 6 inches, the button must be down for the first punch, then up to finish the rest of the hole punches.
  • Store it with the hook with the strap onto the lever.

For practice paper I used supermarket ads and junk mail!

I read sooo many product reviews it was insane! The negative comments were all due to the above oversights.

Oh, Zutter double ring binders can be used on a Cinch and there are 6 packs available at California Paper Goods
Zutter Bind It All Or just google Bind it All wires or Cinch wires for the best price! They have them here too! The wires come in all colors too!

If you have a question? Click on my profile and send me a PM , I have mastered that bad boy! I know I know I should be in sales!

Good Luck!

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