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You Ladies are awesome!!! Such perfect beautiful ideas!!

CommaHolly, I hadn't thought of that stack at all. I even have it. lol Your mini album is beautiful!! Just love it. It is a great choice too! Thanks so much!

Just G, wow thanks for the link! Your pages are fantastic and gave me some great ideas. I wish you would have taken pics of the album too. LOL The colors sound almost the same too. But your pages in the gallery are very helpful.

Izzy B, I would have never thought of the basic grey line. I am going to have to take a sloser look at it. It is really pretty with the more muted tones. Thank you for the idea and links.

I am going to have to look through the gallery. Plus the superstore. Darn, another reason to shop for scrapbook supplies, lol

I didn't know you could search by key words. Thanks so much for that tip!

Now I am really inspired. I am excited about the wedding and doing the albums but it was feeling pretty overwhelming. You all have really made it easier.

Thanks so much!

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