Username Post: A little misting inspiration?
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I am new to the Glimmer Mist and I can say I LOVE It, I made it by myself also, my suggestion is to choose the right bottle, I tried many bottles, and I can say that from M's is the worse, I do not suggest them, it is important for Glimmer to mist not to spray. Once you mist it you can use paper towel delicately on the layout, sometimes it is better, or other times is nice just to mist it and leave it the way it is.
Manda K where do you buy masks, are they available in stores? On the package it just says Mask?

NOW you tell me after I bought 8 of them!

and I concur, they suck. There's no consistency,,,,,,some of the mist and some of them downright squirt!

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