Username Post: NOVEMBER Anything Goes Challenge!!! Sign Ups End 11/10/10!
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Happy November!

Weekly challenge:
With the recession dragging us further and further down lately, it's time to make the best of everything we have. So this week, we're going to make use of our stash and scraps! For this week, your challenge is to:
a) Use your oldest photos
b) Use your oldest supplies
c) Use your oldest scraps
Make a page with a combination of the three. You may use nothing new from your stash, and no unopened packages. 350 points.
Use themed paper for an unthemed layout (as in, Christmas paper for a non Christmas page or Halloween paper for a non Halloween themed page) for a 50 point bonus!

Weekly photos:
50 points each

11/1 Daily: Set up your signature and blog for 150 points.

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