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Well, I think I'll be able to get most of my pictures off my hard drive, but my *new* computer's hard drive is completely broke I should have it fixed by the weekend though, so I can scrap! With that being said, I'll play, and my goal is 15 layouts!!

That stinks about your hard drive, though I'm glad you'll be able to retrieve most of your files and that it will be fixed relatively quickly!

Thanks! It's been a pretty rough week! My computer crashes, found out I have an astigmatism, my puppy got an ear infection, my blood results came back bad (one of my levels was low... Or something.) I have a dentist appointment and I'm nervous to see what bad things he will say! I think I need a nap. Lol!

I like the daily for today. It gives me an excuse to show off my new scrap room!

I hear you. I broke THREE teeth doing nothing on Halloween evening (seriously... I had a sucker in my mouth but did not bite it, took it out of my mouth to talk, closed my mouth and had stray tooth pieces). We also ate some greasy pizza that evening that my stomach didn't agree with (and 2 days later, still doesn't). So yesterday, I spent most of the day at the toilet and then went to the dentist in the evening and had a bond put on one of the teeth and the other two buffed down. Then I was up until 2 o' clock this morning visiting the toilet some more.

On the bright side, I finished the first and second book of the Hunger Games series, and got to take a few hours to myself with CJ was in school.

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