Username Post: provo craft vs mac users
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I am so frustrated with Provo Craft if any of you are planning to buy a gypsy and are a Mac user you might as well wait and save your money.

But wait you say, there is a great promotion going and I want to get 6 free carts.

Well guess what, as Mac user you still (9 days in to the promotion) can't access the new cricut sync that will allow you to download the free carts. They have been saying "soon" but yet nothing nor are they issuing any statements or updates for mac users.

Apparently Mac users are not important enough for Provo craft to launch new products( gypsy sync is no longer working for updates just the new cricut sync for the new imagine) with Mac compatibility. I think I will be taking a very long time before I buy another machine from them that needs to be updated via computer. Oh and those that bought the expensive new Imagine, guess what they can't update it either.

Gotta love provo craft!

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