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I added this to the AGC thread and gave them a little incentive to come play, is this ok with you?

Here's what I wrote: BONUS CHALLENGE!!!!

All you have to do is participate in one of the Progressive Challenges designed by Ms. Schwiet! There is one starting right about now (9 am) and here is the link for that one: And there will be a link for the Saturday @ 6pm one in a few hours (i'm hosting that one.) You can participate after the fact too. Now why am I giving you this bonus challenge? b/c #1, you are going to tell that I sent you & #2, the Progressives also use a points system to determine winners (there are also random winners). So any points you earn in the Progressive Challenge Today (9 am or 6pm EST) OR TOMORROW SUNDAY @ 11 AM EST, you will get to add to your points total for AGC! WOO HOO!

You get points for a few things: each LO based on the Progressive Completed=50 pts (there were/are going to be 5 FIVE Progressives since WED, so you can earn up to 250 pts bonus pts! Just for completing each one.)

You MUST play Along to get these points (that means be here at 9am or 6 pm EST TODAY OR SUNDAY @ 11AM EST and do your LO while the challenge is going on): ; If you are the 1st to finish=15 pts; 2nd=10 pts; 3rd=5 pts; Invite a friend and the friend plays=5 pts/friend; Send in your votes when the challenge closes=5 pts; you get from 25-15 pts per challenge if you are the winner of the pm'd votes or the polls put up for the whole community. PLUS there are bonus point options too! One time, after a progressive weekend I had 510 pts, wouldn't it be awesome to add 510 pts to your totals!

You can also earn points by doing a LO for the mini-progressive Catch-Up-A-Thon, 1st LO=25 pts; every LO after that that meets the criteria=10 pts Here is the link for the catch-up-athon:

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