Username Post: Oh! Snap! Cofers (continued) {Active and Closed}
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This group orginally had 10 members, but most have - for a lot of reasons having nothing to do with discontent with the group - moved on to other things. Lives change. We chat about our lives and critique each others' work. An extra opinion often knocks the blocks loose and has been extremely helpful. Stop by for a chat.

Every member in this group has equal say in matters related to this thread. Changes will only be made after consulting with the whole group.

The members are:

Scrap4brains, Marlene Murphy,

Slywalker, Lesley Walker,

Mrsmiller, Shannon Miller,

Heather J. Landry, same name,

Lilmrmaid, Yvone Steinacher,

Meak72, Carrie Farrimond,

Luzma, Luz Maria Bruna

Becky Scraps, Becky

Amigosa - Leesa

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