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Hit send too early!


Lexie still has no eyelashes and she's started work on her eyebrows too. It just breaks my heart. She gets really mad at us if we mention it. Of course, she gets mad at everything so it's really par for the course. Her therapist asked her today why she's so angry. She said it's because her parents are so mean to her. I can hear everything through the wall when I sit in the other room. She said Ronnie yells at her for no reason. She didn't mention all the stuff that she does that makes him yell. Sigh.

The therapist touches base with you, doesn't he/she?

Yes, she does. I sit and chat for the first 20 minutes with her and then I leave and Lexie stays. She definitely has some interesting things that I hadn't thought of. She says when Alexis is raging and hurting herself or others to throw her in a cold shower. Hmmm.

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