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Kozy Scraps

This challenge is simple! The catch is you can’t use anything that you have purchased recently to complete your layout! You have to shop your stash and only use things you have had for a while.

1. All items must be at least 6 months old or older.
2. You can’t open anything new. Not even if you bought it more than 6 months ago.
3. You can only use paper from paper stacks or packages if it was opened 6 months ago and have already used papers from them.
4. No new embellishments of any type. You are free to make your own, but all of the supplies must be from your stash.
5. If you get love please be kind and give love!
6. You are free to enter your layout in other challenges.
7. Do not vote for yourself. You automatically get a vote for submitting a layout.
8. Plase submit your layout and tally up your points by Dec 29.

1 point – For each item used that is six months old or older.
2 points – for each item you use up.
1 point – for any swap item you use. (They are part of your stash as well!)
1 point – Just for submitting.

You are my Sunshine By Kozy Scraps

All items are 6th months or older – 6 points
Items used up – 0
Swaps Items – 2
Total 8 points

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