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I saw this back in September on Leslie Guerrero's Blog and loved it. At the time was very busy so unable to particapate in the challenge on her Blog. With her permission I would like to do this as a swap. Here is the link to her site to check it out. She also has kits for sale there as well.

MAIL DATE: May 2, 2011

1. This is a PAL SWAP.

2. This is a High End Swap so do not use poor quality products. Must be emblished at least 3 times. If you would not want to recieve it do not send it.

3. Please include a little Rak with your suitcase. We all love to recieve scrappy things so please include something as a little surprise.

If YOU can not fullfill the requirements of this swap, do not join or at least give me 1 month minimum warning to replace you.


Your package must be mailed by May 2. If you mail it early and your pal receives it before May 2, then you do not need delivery confirmation. If you mail it out between April 20 and May 2nd then delivery confirmation will be a requirement. If you cannot mail it out on time, then you better make sure you mail it early because if someone's package is late getting to them because you mailed the day before it is due you will not participate in any of my swaps again! this is not negotiable. Everyone deserves to have their package on time.

I welcome everyone, but I will not have any of my friends screwed, so if I don't know you and don't talk to you on the 10,000 p.m.'s and swaps on here that I am a member of, you need to check in once a week. If you end up in the hospital having your appendix out or something, let me know as soon as possible...if you are planning a trip between now and the due date, let me know and I will put it on the calendar, but if you go 2 weeks without checking in or letting me know you can't check in, I will drop you and angel your spot.

You will send direct to your pal. The idea is Spring/Summer so if you would like to include a little gift with that theme in mind go right ahead but it is not a requirement. Please make it in the colours requested by your pal. Please list your 3 Favourite colours and include their colours when making the suitcase for your pal thanks.


Drayia Purple, Silver and Cream
Snazzy4art Pink, Purple, Lavander
santoso10ny Brown, Pink and Cream
doglover1920 Pink, Brown and silver
sunflowerkasey Muted Victorian
sansurascrap brown/blue, crimson/cream, purple(periwinkle)/silver
frndly1 Grey pink/tan brown/peach green/Dusty rose off white.
Joellio mutted vintagy/brown,cream,green s or pinks
bluucaca victorian or shabby chick

NCscrapper13- FLAKED
frndly1/Drayia [[]]

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