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mine s in my signature. I blog about all sorts of things I enjoy: fashion, scrapbooking, crafts, interior design, family ect.

Hi there I was watching your Blog loved your snow pix I just wish you had the Follow button I could not find it.....if you do please show meI would love to follow your blog....

I figured this out the other night. I was so proud of myself! Here's the steps to follow a blog that doesn't have a follow button to click:
copy the web address of the blog
go to your dashboard for your own blog
you'll see the info for the blogs you follow. There's an "add" button. Click it.
in the window that pops up, paste the web address of the blog you want to follow.
Click follow publicly or anonymously (your choice) and click ok.

Tada! You are now following that blog. It's easy peasy...not nearly as long to do as it sounds.

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