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Welcome to the Easter Secret Pal Swap


1. If you sign up for this swap you will receive one secret pal.

2. You must check into this thread at least once a week. Communication is key!

3. You can look up your partners profile and wishlist to get some ideas of what to send.

4. Please complete the questionnaire below and pm it to me before the swap begins. This will give your SP an idea of what to give you. All new items and something from your pals wish list is a must. Please let me know if there is someone you’re just itching to have as your pal and who you’ve already had so I can pair you up with someone new.

5. The limit for this swap is $20. If you want to spoil your pal by going over the limit feel free but it is NOT required. All new items and something from your pals wish list is a must. You may create handmade items but they are not included in the $20 min. Since this is an easter swap lets include something eastery an egg filled with a small treat an easter basket filled with the goodies be creative

6. Secret pals will mail directly to their pals no later than April 10th! When you receive from your pal, post it on the thread but DO NOT REVEAL who they are to the participants. We want to reveal about the same time. Reveal date to be announced.

9. Never hesitate to pm me if you have any questions, or need to know something specific from your SP. I am here to help you!

10. Have fun, be creative and KEEP IT A SECRET!
Have fun, chat, share lo's, anything goes in this thread. But remember, keep those lips sealed after you know your SP!

Remember sending a little something before the big package is a lot of fun for both you and your pal. Here is the list, just to give you an idea. You DON'T have to do this...just some ideas! Remember, it doesn't have to be scrap stuff. You will be able to fit a TON of different things into a regular card envelope (to save on postage), such as key chains, postcards, etc.

Send a card.
Type a letter. Be sneaky and devious.
You write a message to your secret pal, then break up the pieces and wrap them up. Your secret pal has to put it together.
Small votive candle wrapped in pretty fabric
A card in the snail mail - Everyone feels good about getting mail that isn’t a bill
Fresh cut flowers
Nail polish and a file
Box of specialty tea or coffee
Picture frames
Basket of relaxing bath things
Coffee mug of individually wrapped candies
New journal with nice pen

Please pm the survery to me by next sunday Jan. 23rd so i can get pals out and we can get to shopping and such.
1. Name/Address:
2. Screen name:
3. Favorite color:
4. Favorite scrapbook companies:
5. One scrapbook product you can't get enough of(ie: ribbon, eyelets, chipboard, flowers, stamps):
6. Anything that you do NOT want/need:
7. Name two items you would LOVE to have:
8. What kind of pages are you working on?
9. Favorite candy/junk food:
10. Do you have any allergies? (smoke, sents (floral, candle, ect….)
11. what kind of techniques do you like to do? ( example: inking, chalking, sewing, paper tearing, embossing… etc….)
13. Tell your pal something fun or silly about yourself.
14. Anything else you would like your Secret Pal to know.

Participants: (Survey received)

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