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BONUS POINTS: YOU MAY TAKE +10 pts for completing the daily challenge by 11:59 pm (PST) on the same day/date that it was posted for! (SO the 9/2 challenge needs to be completed by 11:59 pm on 9/2 to take the +10 bonus points.)

2/1: Set up your daily challenges blog & siggy for February. Make another blog with 3-10 scrappy goals for this month. +150 pts

2/2: Let's get the month started off right! Take a before pic of your scrap space/scrap room and then clean it up/organize your space so you are ready to scrap this month! Then take an after picture. Share both pics with us for +200 pts!

2/3: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Glimmer Mist!!! It is my favorite scrappy product right now. So, I challenge you to use a misting product on your project (besides water) for +150 pts!

Don't have any? No worries! Here is a link on how to make your own: -gli...

Don't know HOW to use it? Here are some examples (or you can go to my gallery & check out the over 50 LOs--at least--that I have used Glimmer Mist/Smooch Spritz on):

Quality Time By Kaye222

a boy named alice By ~{Puppet}~

When Lola sleeps.?? By Hernandm

our LITTLE monkey By Megan Ann

glowing By Megan Ann

2/4: Make good use of that needle and thread! Machine or hand-stitch on your layout for +75 pts. If you choose to hand-stitch on your layout and do over 100 hand-stitches then take an additional 75 bonus points! (MAX PTS=150 pts)

2/5: This weekend I have to write a 5 page book review. I don't know why I felt I needed to share, but somehow that inspired my challenge for today. Pick a scrpbooking book, website, blog, etc. and write a (short-75 word) review of it on your blog for +150 pts! (It does not have to be a positive review--if you found a site that was not helpful at all, let us know so we don't waste our time there too!)

2/6: I am very sleep deprived and it has me thinking about the essentials of life: sleep, food, water....and my MacBook Pro, my cell phone, my iPod, my planner, etc. Do a layout or project (no card) that showcases what/who you cannot live without for +275 pts!

2/7 & 2/8: Take 300 free points for being a very patient & understanding group of ladies!

2/9: It's hump day (as in mid-week) - use a hill, rock, bump, mountain, anything that might represent a "hump", in a layout, card or other project for +150 points. If you can use "hump day" appropriately in a title, you earn an extra +75 points!

2/10: If you could change one thing about yourself or your life, what would it be? Scrap it for +200 points.

2/11: Make something for your Valentine +125 points. Also, this challenge can be used 3 times. For example: if I made my daughter, my husband, and a friend something for Valentines Day I would get to take +125 pts for each one totalling +375 pts.

2/12: Today is the grand opening of our amazingly beautiful new public library - it's incredible! What is your favorite book? Give us a brief "book report" of why it's yor favorite for +100 points. If you can scrap it, make a card or other project relating some how take an extra +175 points.

2/13: FOR TODAY ONLY take an extra +5 points per love / comment (up to a total of +300 extra points) for giving love. After all, Monday is Valentine's Day! XOXO

2/14: One of the newest trends I'm seeing and loving is the use of doilies. So use one on a layout for 150 points or on a card for 75.

2/15: today's challenge is an oldie but goodie! One of my favorite things is to scraplift. I signed up for the scraplift your faves challenge and still haven't completed it yet! So today's challenge is to use those faves you have saved and scraplift one of them for 150 points!

2/16: Create a layout with a title similar to random advice #26, confession # 58, reason #18. Something along those lines! 150 points!

2/17: Today's challenge is another product challenge. I love the look of these new corrugated alphabets and shapes. Use them on a page for 150 or card for 75! If you don't have them (I know I don't!) Use packaging with your diecut machine, a punch or hand cutting! You can leave it raw or mist, paint, or ink! the possiblities are endless!

2/18: TGIF!! Use trim (as in ribbon), gems (as in bling), ink, and flowers! Take 150 points.

2/19: I am always saving stuff to use on my pages! So today I challenge you to add ephemera to your page. It could be tags from products, menus, tickets, etc. for 300 points!

2/20: I have gotten out of the habit of blogging! so today I challenge you to blog. If you don't have a personal blog you can write on any topic here at Write at least 150 words for 150 points.

2/21: Make a monochromatic layout! +300 pts (my definition of monochromatic is 75% shades of one color with a max of 25% black & white)

2/22: A day of 2s! Make a duplicate today (a layout, card, ATC, inchie, project, etc.) and take FULL points for the 2nd + 150 daily points!

2/23: Time to update those wish lists! Add 7 or more products to your wishlist for +125 pts!

2/24: I was looking under the resource tab here on and realized I do not utilize the resource tab nearly enough! So today find a title, tip, quote, poem, etc. from under the resource tab and share it with us for +75 pts! Use said resource on a project for an additional +75 pts!

2/25: Use a song title or the name of a music artist as the TITLE for your page today! +100 pts If you use lyrics from the song or artist you used for your title take an additional +100 pts!!!

2/26: Use 4 or more pictures on a ONE page layout today! +200 pts

2/27: What supply (excluding paper) do you HOARD? Is it ribbon, flowers, bling, stickers, buttons, ink, chipboard, etc.??? I totally hoard GLIMMER MIST!!! LOVE the stuff and I want to buy every single color! I am well on my way with 84 bottles! Let us know what supply you hoard the most on this thread (excluding paper!) and use that supply on a project for +150 pts.

2/28: Gallery Scavenger Hunt:

Find the following things on projects (LO, card, altered item, etc.) in the gallery:

1. picture of an inanimate object
2. 2 or more butterflies
3. A title that is EXACTLY 5 words long

Share the 3 projects with us on the AGC thread and take +150 pts!

(You cannot use these!)
1. Coffee addict By Floliescrap



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