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8 square feet is all the room I can find because our place is pretty small for a family of three. I like the idea of going vertical. I hadn't even thought of that. lol

Unfortunately I live in Oklahoma so I don't have an Ikea nearby, I don't think there are even any in the state. I have seen some of the plastic drawers like in scrappymamas' pic at Wal-Mart though. Do those work well?

Also my mom used to have a big plastic suitcase type thing with one large empty compartment and a clear lid on the front that opened to a skinny compartment for papers. Does anyone know where I might find something like that and if that would work well for any extra spillover. So I could put extra in a closet.

I am asking because I know I am going to end up with a lot of stuff no matter how I try to restrain myself. I went into Hobby Lobby once just to waste some time between appointments. I had no intention to buy anything but I came back out with two bags full of scrap paper and stickers. It's almost like an obsession to me. Must buy scrapping stuff, must buy scrapping stuff. lol

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