Username Post: What to take to a crop?
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You'll have so much fun! Generally classes will give you a list of supplies to bring, so check with where you signed up and that might tell you what to bring.

As for whaat to bring to the crop, it is always hard the first couple, I still forget things when I go to crops! And it will vary from person to person what to bring to a crop. I generally make page kits for the photos I want to scrap. I over-plan so I don't run out of things to do. I pick out photos and papers and a few embellies that I might want for a page.

Depending on where you go they might provide some tools, but you'll want your standard tools, scissors, adhesive, paper cutter-anything you use a lot.

The great thing is if you forget something chances are there will be someone that can lend you it.

Have lots of fun!

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