Username Post: What would you give a scrapper just starting out?
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I recently did this myself for my stepson's girlfriend. She had scrapbooked before several years ago with her mom (who lives several states away now) so she knew the basics but just didn't have any of her own tools and things. And now that they have their baby girl, she wanted to do a baby album, but she wasn't too sure she would stick with it after that. So, I took one of those Iris scrapbook cases and filled it with:

a paper trimmer
a good pair of sharp tip scissors
a corner rounder punch
a set of pens in just basic colors
a craft knife and craft mat
a ruler with a metal edge (for use with the knife)
cardstock in basic colors
a thing of Tombow adhesive
a bottle of Scotch QuickDry liquid glue
a little container of basic colored brads and
buttons (and some flowers, since we knew she'd be doing girlie pages!)
a couple of baby girl page kits
and a few of my old magazines.

I didn't want to go crazy and give her a whole album kit, because I wanted her to be able to pick out her own papers and embellies once she got started, but the page kits were small and gave her a place to start. The magazines she said helped to give her some ideas. Of course, luckily she and my stepson live somewhat close by us (less than an hour), so I also gave her an open invitation to come scrap with me anytime so she could raid my stash of anything else that caught her eye and/or go shopping together. And of course, that means I get to see the baby as she scraps! It's a win-win for us!

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