Username Post: What do YOU pack to a crop
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I choose sketches first, print pictures for the sketches, then put them together in kits of coordinating paper.

I stare at the sketches and try to predict which way I want to go with each one and pack stuff like paint, stickles, ink, stamps, embossing powder, that goes with the general plan.

Then I pack my making memories tool kit, adhesives, thread, a paper trimmer, & my brads/buttons/flower box.

I may or may not pack the laptop, gypsy, cricut, even a photo printer based on length of crop and availability of stuff onsite.

I tend to rather enjoy doing some messy and crazy stuff at a crop. Almost every time there are people there who want to see techniques that aren't straight cuts, tape and paper.

I'd rather over pack in the tools (and items not available for sale at the crop) department and under pack in the paper and other stuff that will be available on site department.

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